1. avatar mr8040
    I've got a Peli 1630 for sale, you can check it here:


    I bought it less than two months for transporting my gear on flights for live sets, but I had the first of the booked live sets on Friday and it was an absolute melt because it's about half the weight one single item of baggage can weigh without anything even inside it.
    So that means it's been gigged once, and the foam inside is pretty much useless since it's been cut to fit certain equipment.
    I'd take about 250 for it. It's also got the lid organizer accessory which cost a wee bit in itself, but the zips broke on a few of the compartments so i'll throw that in for free.
    It's massive, would be good for transporting alot of stuff. Maybe good for drum hardware and other stuff.

    PM if interested etc.