1. avatar bongobass
    Hi guys,
    like title says, I bought a GK cab of a UK forum a while back as it was cheap as. Nothing wrong with cab but dude had bother selling it so gave me a great price. It cost 100 to buy and 60 to deliver. Unfortunately, im not gigging as much as i planned and my combo will suffice for my needs. Therefore this amp has been used as a TV stand for last few months :)
    Its rated at 400 watts at 8 ohms and is large and quite heavy but has sturdy handles and GK casters included. Pricing it at 100 if you can come to my house and pick it up as this is what i payed for it and havent used it.
    Its this one,


    Dude I bought it off packaged it in a large cardboard box that is very sturdy and could be used to deliver. Im happy to deliver it but obviously buyer will have to cover charge and sort that out and id really rather do a local sale if at all possible. Cost me 60 to get it from England so id say itll be round 40 mark for delivery in Norn Ireland. I live just outside Omagh, Co. Tyrone and would be happy to meet buyer in town. I also work in Castlederg part time, bout 15 miles away from Omagh and not far from Strabane if thats any help for potential buyers.
    GK stuff has a reputation for being solid and reliable as well as pro sounding (ask Flea or Justin Chancellor :)) so here is a great amp for a great price.

    PM me if interested or text and ill ring you (ive terrible reception :)) on 07783625742
  2. avatar MiltonG565
    its nearly the same 15" speaker cab that flea uses. i would buy it, but i don't have much need.... or money :(
  3. avatar bongobass
    Hi Milton, thanks for comment man. yeah its great cab, just can't justify it with my current gigging :(

    Forgot to mention in my post, I would do part exchange or straight swap if you had some interesting gear eg pedals etc. Always in the market for some kind of pedal so give me a try :)
  4. avatar MiltonG565
    yeah, i don't have any pedals or anything of that value that i want to get rid of unfortunately.
  5. avatar bongobass
    no bother man