1. avatar JudeMullan
    Laney VC30, 30w All tube 1x12 Combo Amp- 275

    Peavey Vypyr 30, 30w Modelling Amp- 100

    Epiphone Les Paul Custom, Tobacco Burst- 275

    Line 6 Lowdown 150w Bass Amp- 200

    Marshall MBC115 Bass Cabinet- 120

    Boss ME50B, Bass Effects Board- 80

    EHX Big Muff with Tone Wicker, comes with Box- 45

    Marshal Vibratrem Guitar Pedal, Comes with box-40

    Open to sensible offers, Looking for quick sale.
    I live in Belfast but can also deliver to midulster area during weekends.

    If you have any queries or want a picture email me on sg-jude@hotmail.co.uk
    Or phone/text me on 07756701764
  2. avatar JudeMullan
  3. avatar JudeMullan
  4. avatar wannaberocker147
    Interested in any trades ?
  5. avatar JudeMullan
    I would rather have the money but I may be interested in a trade, tell me more?
  6. avatar wannaberocker147
    1986 Marshall 5213 combo