1. avatar CliveActually
    I bought a pair of Zildjian 14" K Hi Hats for sale only 2 days ago, Long story short I don't have the cash, they are still in the Zildjian Bags they came in, unused and brand new!

    I am sure if you are reading this you know how lovely the K Series is, very crisp sounding Hi Hats! These are going very cheap, so don't think they will be around very long and are on various other sites to get a quick sale. Will be 15 to post within the UK.

    I can send you a picture if requested!

    The cheapest you will find these on the net is 360 (which is how much I paid for them 2 days ago)

    willing to let go fro 250 + 15p&p.

    EMAIL me at CliveActually@live.com