1. avatar SONI Live
    [b:d88dda5f0a]SO:NI[/b:d88dda5f0a] Presents....

    [b:d88dda5f0a]ALL THE BEST![/b:d88dda5f0a]

    - Passionate & gutsy female-fronted melodic rockers, with seriously catchy hooks!

    [b:d88dda5f0a]YELLOW CAR NO RETURN[/b:d88dda5f0a]
    - Quirky, unique rock power-trio from Fermanagh, lie a mash up of Rory Gallagher & Van Halen, with some funk thrown in.

    [b:d88dda5f0a]ROSIE BROADWAY[/b:d88dda5f0a]
    - Powerful new Belfast hard rock quartet, with blues influences and an in-your-face delivery.

    [b:d88dda5f0a]GIN CRAZE[/b:d88dda5f0a]
    - A funk, rap & rock melting pot from this brand new Belfast 4-piece - their first ever SONI show!

    The King's Head Live Lounge, Belfast (Upper Lisburn Road, facing King's Hall)
    Thursday 11th October 2012
    Doors 8.30pm, Admission 4.50

    [b:d88dda5f0a]**DRINKS PROMOS**[/b:d88dda5f0a]
    Selected Bottled Beers -inc Bud / Miller / Stella / Becks - 2.50
    Captain Morgans & Coke - 3
    Vodka & Red Bull - 3

    If you haven't already, come and check out this excellent venue!

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  2. avatar Musician1
    Looking forward to this!
  3. avatar 5ways
    Here's a taste of what you're getting tomorrow

    [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnW6FCJUWTE&feature=relmfu]Gin Craze - I Can't[/url]

    [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QngWf_vuQDE&feature=relmfu]Gin Craze - Fighter[/url]
  4. avatar Musician1
    Hope the rain stops! Grrr
  5. avatar SONI Live
    Don't worry mate, it's an indoor gig, and there's even an umbrealla to smoke under ;)