1. avatar deadlightsaaron
    My first post!
    I'm selling a Pigtronix Polysaturator distortion / fuzz pedal.

    Bought this from new @ 125 6 months ago and unfortunately am having to downsize my collection. Great pedal with a range of sounds - can handle anything from light drive, crunch and all out fuzz. Comes in original box and its original 15V power supply and is in mint condition, barely even a paint chip on it. 75

    Boss SD1 with Ibanez TS808 mod - Again have not had this pedal for a long time and it is a beast. Can flip between SD1 and 808 mod by a top mounted switch. Few paint chip from gigging but as you will know Boss pedals are built like tanks and this in no way effects the quality of sound. 40

    Boo Instruments Tremolo - Fantastic wee boutique English-made tremolo pedal. Has a volume knob which I found useful as sometimes tremolos can suck a bit of volume. Has hardly been used and therefore is in excellent condition. 40
  2. avatar Fuzz89
    Any trades on the tremolo?
    See my 'For Sale' post in the market section.
  3. avatar deadlightsaaron
    sorry mate - need the cash atm!
  4. avatar wannaberocker147
    Can give you 25 for the modded boss if its available. boxed ?