1. avatar davey
    My first post!
    Members of a high profile Northern Ireland band have just started a new project and are looking for a singer! Band is based in Derry and practice at least once at week so need to be flexible for practice and for gigs! In regards to genre think ‘Black Keys’ or ‘Band of Skulls’. Only get in contact if you have vocals recorded (youtube, demo etc) as don’t want to waste anybodies time. Album worth of songs ready to go just need the voice to complete the package. Pm me through here with a link to you singing!! Cheers
  2. avatar Fuzz89
    Great stuff! The Wood Burning Savages, also based in Derry, wish you good luck.
  3. avatar Daveitferris
    Any demos?
  4. avatar davey
    Thanks Fuzz89, spread the word if you know anyone!! Dave we have some stuff recorded but not willing to release it, but only to someone we are interested in working with!! Let me know if you are or if you know of anyone else. Cheers
  5. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    Good luck. As Fuzz said, we're also hailing from derry. What "high profile" band is this you speak of?
  6. avatar davey
    Cheers Hors D'oeuvres!! Dont really want to say too much at the mo as we want to get our sound down and band tight before we announce it!! If you know anyone interested let me know! Cheers
  7. avatar Daveitferris
    Yes. I'd love to hear something. DaveitFerris [at] gmail [dot] com. Cheers
  8. avatar MrSingerMan
    My first post!
    I cant seem to pm you. Mail me on cookie.301 @ hotmail.com and ill send you recordings of myself. Cheers