1. avatar Avarimusic
    Hey guys,

    I've recently switched to using Zildjian cymbals so I'm trying to offload some excess Sabian cymbals that I have knocking about that I no longer use.

    I have no idea how to upload photos on this thing but if anyone is interested in any of the cymbals please pm me your email address and i'll be more than happy to send on some snaps.

    I have a pair of 14'' Hand Hammered Dark Hats. Very good condition physically with no cracks or keyholing. They logos on the hats are quite worn and the cymbals could probably be doing with a polish as I refuse to polish my cymbals. If you don't mind these insignificant cosmetic issues then you could get yourself a bargain - 120

    I also have 17'' and 18'' hand hammered medium thin crashes. Again physically the cymbals are in very good condition. the 17'' has a very slight logo fade on the hand hammered logo while the 18'' one has slightly more logo fade but again these are the only imperfections with the cymbals - 100 for each cymbal.

    If someone wishes to purchase all the cymbals together I'd sell them for 300 otherwise the individual prices will apply. I live in Strabane but I'm in Belfast fairly often so meeting up would be no problem, just shoot me a message and we'll work something out.

    Any questions please just shoot me a pm.

    Many thanks, Mark.
  2. avatar SITH_creations
    sent you a pm there
  3. avatar ate123
    are these still for sale..?
    Aaron 07903960981