1. avatar nipunk
    [b:2952fd26bb]For sale is my Marshall 3210 Lead 100 Mosfet amp head.[/b:2952fd26bb]

    It's a solid state amp, which Marshall manufactured in the late 80's to early 90's. At that time, they were selling the JCM800 and aimed to re-create the sound of that amp with a solid state chassis, the main reason being that solid state amps were considered more reliable and practically maintainence free. The end result was the manufacture of the Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet.

    The amp has spring reverb and 2 channels - clean and overdrive. Within each channel there is a 3-band EQ range. The Overdrive channel has a pull out knob for gain boost.

    Included with the Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet head is a footswitch (non Marshall), which functions perfectly well and is required to switch channels and operate the reverb.

    The head is in good condition and everything working as it should.

    175 ono and cash on collection from greater Belfast.

    PM me for pics or if you want to try the head.