1. avatar Boyle
    I am selling my excellent Pearl Export ELX (black) including all accessories (cymbals, cymbal stands, double kick pedals, drumsticks and drum key) for a bargain price of 600 ono. I have also just purchased a brand new DW Airlift 6000 Series Thrones drum stool worth 150, which can be added in at a negotiable price.

    Access to images via the following link:

    [url=http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/pearl-export-elx-for-quick-sale/109052537]Your text to link here...[/url]

    The following are included:
    Full drum set including 22" Bass Drum, 12" Rack Tom, 13" Rack Tom and 16" attached Floor Tom
    Pearl Export Snare.
    Pearl Annihilator double kick pedals (Purchased at 240)
    Pearl Hi Hat Stand, Pearl Crash Cymbal Stand, Pearl Crash/Ride Stand, Paiste heavy duty Splash Stand, Paiste heavy duty China Cymbal Stand
    Zilidjan Hi Hat cymbal x 2
    Pasite Hi Hat cymbal x 2
    Zilidjan Crash (16")
    Paiste China (16")
    Zildjan Crash Ride (18")
    Stagg Splash (10")

    Feel free to email me or call me on 07900172614 for any more information or to come and see it. The kit is in good condition and is fit for both practice/teaching and gigging.

    It's a great kit that i don't want to sell but unfortunately have to.

    Thanks for reading,