1. avatar Strativarius
    Selling a...

    - [b:30c90700da]Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal.[/b:30c90700da] Mint condition, boxed and pretty much as new, only thing is i've misplaced the paper instruction sheet (cant see anyone needing it anyways?), literally only used it a couple of times, i'd say it has had about 3 hours use. Seems to be around 50 new everywhere. 30 lifts it.

    - [b:30c90700da]Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedal.[/b:30c90700da] Mint condition, boxed and as new, bought this ages ago, simply wasnt the pedal for me, used it for half an hour and put it back in its box. Still retails around the 90 mark new from what i can see. 50 lifts it.

    - [b:30c90700da]Boss BCB-30 Pedal Board.[/b:30c90700da] Brand new, never used this, great little board, holds three Boss sized pedals, takes Behringer etc too. 20. I'll thrown in few patch cables, daisy chains and whatnot along with.

    Might do a slightly reduced price on the whole lot together, or would swap the lot for a good fuzz.

    PM me if interested please. Portadown area.

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  2. avatar Strativarius
    Will be down in Belfast tomorrow if anyones interested in these i can take them with me.

  3. avatar Strativarius

    Also have a Behringer UZ-400 Fuzz i dont need. Mint. £15
  4. avatar Seamy ALB
    Hi I am interested in the BCB is still available?
  5. avatar Seamy ALB
    PM sent.
  6. avatar Strativarius
  7. avatar Strativarius
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