1. avatar timebenezer
    My first post!
    Just putting this out there to gauge interest; make me an offer.

    I have a Taylor T5-S1; good condition, a few dings here and there, it's been used and gigged. I really like the sound of it, but I'm not using it enough at the moment. They retail at around 1,800; I'd be ideally looking near the 1,200 mark, but like I say, make me an offer if you're interested.

    It comes with the original Taylor hard shell case.

    The acoustic tone is very usable; and it really sings as an electric with a number of different options from the two humbuckers. There is a particularly good parallel humbucker setting that yields a lovely Gretsch-like tone.

  2. avatar timebenezer
    Bump.. anyone interested?
  3. avatar timebenezer
    Bump.. anyone interested?