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    This is a MkIII EVJ, the one with the improved circuitry and output transformer. It's been modified with London Power's trademarked Power-Scaling circuit to get the full range of overdriven valve tones even at really low volumes. Read on...


    The knobs are all on the front, which may be a bit less tidy than sticking the PS control on the back, but it's way more convenient. Left-to-right: the original volume control; overdrive, which controls how hard the power-section is pushed; and power, which you can think of as an overall wattage control. This is a very different thing from a master volume. With MV, you're lowering the volume by reducing the signal that goes from the pre-amp into the power section: if you bring it down significantly at all, the power valves will be running clean. Power scaling restricts the maximum output from the EL84 power valve itself by dropping the HT voltage. So the output section can still be overdriven even while it's delivering less power. Between these three knobs, you can dial in a tone that sounds like the amp is fully cranked, yet it's still quiet enough to use at home. And for cleaner tones, just roll up the power control.

    In addition to the power scaling circuit, I did some fairly standard voicing mods - the "Marshall gold" mods, as they're known - Mallory capacitors and a few component tweaks. No reverb because it's not that kind of amp. Distortion into reverb is fine if you like that sort of thing, but reverb into distortion just sounds muddy. No effects loop because that's just wrong in a valve amp - pedals work better right in front, especially overdrives/boosters to get that first preamp stage snarling. It's all about the tone.

    The amp sounds good even through the 8" built-in speaker, but plug it into an external cabinet and you just won't believe it's a 5-watter. A great wee practice amp, super portable and ideal for the bedroom/living room. I'm selling because I haven't used it since I added VVR (same thing as power scaling) to my 18-watt.

    110 ono
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  3. avatar sloppyjoe
    Had a few offers to trade for this but I'm not looking for any more gear at present (except maybe a multitrack interface). Anyone want to make me a cash offer?
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    Hey PM me your contact details i'll take this off your hands mate.
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