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    Hey guys,
    As promised, here is the drum stuff I currently have for sale.

    Premier Olympic 5 piece kit
    • 12, 13, 16 toms
    • 22 bass drum
    • 14 snare drum
    Kit also comes with hi-hat stand, snare stand and a straight stand and drum throne, and a kick pedal. All hardware double braced. Evans and remo heads on several of the drums. shells in good nick. £130 ovno

    Pearl forum 5 piece
    • 12, 13, 16 toms
    • 22 bass drum
    • 14 snare
    This kit comes with a Gibraltar hi-hat stand (excellent stand) as well as a Gibraltar snare stand and bass pedal. Two straight stands are also included. The hardware pack with this kit is good quality, and all double braced. Evans and remo batter heads on the toms, however the snare head could do with replacing. again, shells in good nick. Very good sounding drums. £220 ovno

    Stock is currently low, but here’s what I have;
    • 12” stagg dh splash
    • 16” stagg dh crash
    • 20” sabian solar ride
    14" session pro hi hats

    Thanks guys, any questions or offers, don’t hesitate to text on 07714263579, and I’ll respond asap.
    Much love

    PS. both kits have a liquid black finish :) kits are for sale in a few other places
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    stagg double kick pedal- Β£60
    mapex double kick pedal- Β£70

    please text with any queries or offers. based in north belfast.
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    sale pending on pedals
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    cymbals are on a first come first served basis
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    My first post!
    What sort of Throne is it with the Premier? Specifically interested in the max height
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    its the standard throne you get with the kit dude. if you like i'll get the tape measure out this evening and have a look? i would want to sell it with the kit though, thats the only thing.
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    viewings available, no time wasters please
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    bumpity bump ba-dump
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