1. avatar Geordie_Da
    Loads of the stuff sold, but gear below still left:

    [b:654408ae81]PICS OF EVERYTHING CAN BE FOUND AT: www.facebook.com/funkyard[/b:654408ae81]

    For Sale:

    [i:654408ae81]Cymbals & Bag[/i:654408ae81]

    1. [b:654408ae81]14'' Zildjian ZXT Rock Hats[/b:654408ae81]. [These are perfect for anyone wanting to upgrade from basic, beginner cymbals to something you could gig with. Bright, heavy, and crisp. £80.]
    2. [b:654408ae81]Zildjian Planet Z 14'' hi hats[/b:654408ae81]: Yours for only £15.
    3. [b:654408ae81]GlobalBags cymbal bag[/b:654408ae81]. This cymbal bag is fantastic - holds up to 7 cymbals with cloth dividers protecting each one. Pouch at the front holds smaller splash cymbals and pocket at the back holds sticks, moongel, and packets of crisps! £25.


    4. [b:654408ae81]Yamaha Hi Hat Stand[/b:654408ae81]: excellent condition, very smooth operation - professional model. A steal at £40.
    5. [b:654408ae81]Yamaha snare stand[/b:654408ae81]. Great condition. Double-braced & very strong, but then this is a company that makes motorbikes! £30.


    6. [b:654408ae81]Didgeridoo[/b:654408ae81]. Wonderful rustic design. Bring out the aboriginal in you!! £20 and it's yours, mate! [And if you find you canít play it, itíll look great in your house anyhow!]

    Cheers for lookin'

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  2. avatar Geordie_Da
  3. avatar the_rev
    seriously? :O
  4. avatar csloan10
    i will DEFINETLY take that Didgeridoo off your hands! Will send u a PM
  5. avatar Chi-Lite
    Yo, if you haven't sold them, would you consider selling the 18" Planet Z separately?
  6. avatar Geordie_Da
    Chi-Lite - yeah, no probs...£15 if you want it.

  7. avatar Geordie_Da
    csloan...sure, gimme a shout!

  8. avatar Chi-Lite
    Pm'ed you there hoss
  9. avatar Geordie_Da
    PM'd right back.
  10. avatar Geordie_Da
    Had a potential offer on all drum stuff, but haven't heard anything in a few days, so all drum stuff still available if anyone is interested. Send me a PM or contact me through www.facebook.com/funkyard


  11. avatar the_rev
  12. avatar Geordie_Da
    One for the weekend...
  13. avatar river_0000
    I'll buy the bongos off you. Where are you based so I can pick them up?
  14. avatar Geordie_Da
    Based in North Belfast, or can meet in the City Centre. I'll PM you my address and if you can pick them up this evening let me know.

  15. avatar Geordie_Da
  16. avatar Geordie_Da
    Some interest in the bongos and hi hat stand, but everything listed still available. First with the money gets the gear.


  17. avatar Geordie_Da