1. avatar pmackey
    Right. It's a Mexican tele that I bought from a chap a few years ago. It was that hideous wine red colour and had a few wee dings out of it. The plan was to spray it black, but I needed it for recording, so I put it back together after the second coat of primer. Hence it is an interesting white colour :) Think of it as one of those road worn Fenders.

    The pickups are Lace Sensors. Follow the link to find out more.


    The only place at the mo I can find these for sale is ebay, and they are at 140 for the pair.

    In interest of getting rid of this boy I'm lookin 250 for it.




    The last owner changed the jack at some point, so there's now 2 holes where he screwed it on. It all just adds to the character.


  2. avatar pmackey
  3. avatar blakfish
    alright man,fancy a trade for a gretsch electromatic junior jet 2?

  4. avatar VimFuego
    Am interested, cant send you a pm...whats your email?
  5. avatar punkvsmetal
    Hey man, would you be interested in trading all of this gear for your tele? http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=50440

    if not, when i get it sold i will be in touch
  6. avatar blakfish
    alright mate, my email is elroy443@hotmail.com
  7. avatar blakfish
    you still interested mate?
  8. avatar dread_ends
    I'll trade you an Epiphone Zakk Wylde Bullseye and £50 for it?
  9. avatar pmackey
    Sorry for the late reply all those that contacted me. I've had a pretty hectic week. Not looking a trade for the tele. I have too much gear as it is. I need tha dolla.
  10. avatar fairjudge
    hi,i'll give you a cash deal.where you based- tel no. ,email
  11. avatar Mark1985
    Hey dude. Would u be interested in a trade for a tanglewood electro acoustic. Fishman Pickup , onboard tuner. Great guitar . Let me know sure . Cheers
  12. avatar punkvsmetal
    hey man. drop me a text, i am definatly interested. my number is 07762345827 with your location if that would be ok.
  13. avatar punkvsmetal
    Sorry my number is 07762345827