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    For Sale

    An Ashdown Peacemaker 60 2x12 combo amp. 60w - all valve, auto-biasing Class A combo amp, made in UK. fitted with 2 Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. 2 EL34s in the output stage, the originals are Electorharmonix, but in this one they've been replaced with Sovtek NOS valves, which sound great. It's in very good nick, only major flaw is the watchglass on the "signature Ashdown VU meter" is broken, but the meter still works.

    250 ono, including cover, castors (unused), Ashdown footswitch.

    The manufacturer blurb is below

    [quote:4f3d472404]Designed and built in the UK by Ashdown Engineering, the Peacemaker 60 guitar combo delivers Class A tube tone via a pair of 12" Celestion Vintage 30s with an exceptional level of performance control, and at a highly competitive price. The auto-biasing 60 watt tube amplifier features clean and lead/overdrive channels, with a footswitchable gain boost on channel 2. Channels can be selected via the front panel or a footswitch and the Peacemaker 60 features footswitchable dual master volumes. The amplifier is equipped with an effects loop and a spring reverb with independent channel level and master level controls.

    Build quality is unusually high for an amplifier of this price with metal corners, high-grade cabinet covering and grille cloth, and a spring handle. And, of course, the classic signature Ashdown illuminated VU meter.[/quote:4f3d472404]

    Power Output (RMS) 60W into 16 Ohms
    Power Requirement 120 Watts @ rated supply voltage
    Speaker Configuration 2 X 12"
    Line Input Impedance 1M Ohm, Input range 100mV to 1V p-p
    EQ Traditional passive interactive tone control network provides classic guitar tonal adjustment
    Effects Send Impedance 10k Ohms, Level 0dBu nominal
    Effects Return Impedance 50k Ohms, Input level 0dBu nominal
    H x W x D (mm) 570 x 800 x 410
    Weight (kg) 34[/quote:4f3d472404]

    Here's my general review.

    This is a great amp for the money. It has a sound of its own, a great blues rock amp. It has suffered a bit because the controls are a bit mad, basically, the treble should always be set to 0 on both channels, and the gain on channel 2 is horrible, until you roll off the volume on the guitar, then it's voxy. It's a bit of a mad wee amp. Channel 1 with gain off is perfectly clean right up to max volume, which is LOUD, close to Twin LOUD. Pumping up the gain gives a great deep overdrive that doesn't really sound like any other amp short of an Orange or something. it also really responds to guitar settings, pickup type and loves pedals. Wet/dry control on the effects loop too, which is cracker. The other good feature is 2 master volume controls, switchable. Reviews on Harmony Central, mostly echo what I'm saying - people hate it until they figure out the quirks then they love it. they also seem to have made some duds in later years but this is an early model (2002 I think!) and I've been gigging with this one for 3 years with no issues at all.

    Anyway enough wank. Here's some wee fellah playing one with fairly standard settings on the youtube.


    Here's one for sale (with stock valves) in Glasgow for 350


    The same amp is made under the "Hayden" brand at the old Ashdown Factory, goes for about 450 new - these were originally 700 when first released, so you get a lot of amp for the money.

    I'm based in Craigavon in the evenings/weekends but in Belfast weekdays, so meeting is handy enough. Best advice is call and try it out, and I'll give you a wee lesson in tweaking the settings and see if you like it. Reason for selling is that I've only been using it as a glorified cab to run my Impact head through, and just got a proper cab.

    Back panel
    VU meter with damaged watchglass.
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    Hey dude I'm very close to craigavon you taking any trades for the amp? :)
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    Sorry man, the only thing i'm looking for is a spring reverb pedal otherwise cash only. Cheers.
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    cant see pic, email me them bcrichboy07@hotmail.co.uk, thanks
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    Ah seemed to only work on this laptop - try these pics
    Rear Panel
    Damage to VU meter

  6. avatar guitarlover
    looks neat well like i said im just out of town so i may indeed come demo it some night?
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    Sent you a wee email.
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    Still interested?
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  10. avatar tinpot anto
    I'm looking rid of this to fund some other stuff, so work away at the price.

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