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    We are very excited to announce the details of the release show for our new album 'Depths'

    The Menagerie, September 8th, 9pm and its FREE IN

    [b:fbbc6cd5af]Comply Or Die[/b:fbbc6cd5af]


    As a modern day echo of what rock is meant to be about Comply Or Die play their own brand of rock with intensity and passion.

    After the demise of the various members other projects the devil soon made work of idle hands and so Comply Or Die was formed in 2008. The line up is Matt Crothers on Drums, Michael Smyth on Guitar and Vocals with Ian Pearce on Bass and Vocals. From the outset it was clear the band would be a force to be reckoned with.

    'Depths' is the new album from the Belfast band and it their fifth overall release and second album which follows on from their successful 'Invocation' EP and recent split with Belfast heavyweights SLomatics.

    Heralding in a new era of more aggressive sounds and song writing and moving away from the hardcore/post hardcore sound of the first record, 'Depths' offers up something more unique and instantly recognisable as Comply Or Die, hitting you in the head, heart and guy simultaneously.

    The album with a running time of 45minutes contains 8 tracks, each song exploring different ideas and sounds. Not being constrained by standard song writing the album features two instrumental tracks and uses vocals as exclamation marks rather than the main focus of songs.

    Having previously recorded the 'Invocation' EP here the band again returned to Einstein studios to work with Frankie McClay. The album is a representation of the bands visceral live shows. Taking ideas touched upon within the previous recordings expanding upon them and sometimes sending them into outer space.

    This is the single taken off 'Depths' http://complyordie.bandcamp.com/track/shanghaied-2



    Slomatics are a heavy rock band from Belfast Ireland, formed in Late 2004 with the words of Can's Jaki Liebezeit ringing in their ears –

    "Monotony is a good thing"
    With this aim the band stripped away all the fat, and focussed their energies on the singular power of the riff, aided by a slew of Matamps and fuzz pedals. Ditching the conventional concept of a bassist the band use low frequencies and minimalist rhythms to hammer home their message.

    To quote “the Man” – in this case, San Francisco’s Aquarius Records:

    “downright rocking, …….. slipping into a head banging 16rpm groove, that sounds a little like ZZ Top on thorazine, and a LOT like a less melodic, way meaner Torche”

    To date the band have released two full length albums, two split CDs and a 7 inch. They have also recorded a session for BBC Radio 1, and featured on the cover CD for Rock Sound magazine.


    [b:fbbc6cd5af]The Burnt Reynolds[/b:fbbc6cd5af]


    The Burnt Reynolds is Ex-throat, element & Black Bear Saloon members Rus Crookes, Mike Barr, Peter McCavery and Rory McGeown
    Sadly, the Spring of 2009 saw the demise of another Northern Irish band The Black Bear Saloon. Despite having built up quite a good name for themselves and getting their music played on Daniel P Carter’s BBC Radio 1 Rock Show and Scuzz TV the band felt it was time to call it a day.

    After a six month break former members Russell Crookes, Peter McCavery and Mike Barr had a burning desire to start playing again so set out in search of a new sound and a new member.

    With Mike and Rus being former members of Larne band Throat the search for a new singer /guitarist soon became obvious. Ex-fellow Throat member Rory McGeown was given the job after seven years of shying away from the NI Music scene. In late 2010 The Burnt Reynolds was born!

    After several months of jamming in Throat’s old musical hideout The Burnt Reynolds made their live debut in Belfast’s Auntie Annie’s alongside old BBS friends Comply Or Die. Combining abrasive jagged guitars with powerful melodies they made a strong impact on the crowd creating an extremely tight, melodic form of rock at times reminiscent of Helmet before briskly moving on to sounds capes normally reserved for Trail of Dead and Rival Schools.

    Already hotly tipped by BBC Across the Line, 2011 will see The Burnt Reynolds on the live circuit as much as possible. With new recordings now firmly under their belt the band are hungry to make their mark on the local music scene and beyond! This is a bad NOT to be ignored!

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    album available to pre-order from our bandcamp page along with a free download single!