1. avatar hoit
    My first post!
    Roland TD3 -200 (sadly I can't find the dam manual for this)
    This is around 5 years old, it is in pretty good condition bar a few tiny scratches on some of the pads as my cat decided to climb about on the kit. My cat used it more than I did :P

    Pearl maple free floater snare - 60
    around 4 years old, good condition bar a few specks of rust and it needs a new skin.

    Sabian AAX 14" stage hi hats- 80
    around 3 years old, great condition just needs a bit of a clean.

    Sabian AAX 16" crash- 50
    around 4 years old, great condition just needs a bit of a clean.

    Sabian HHX 12" splash- 40
    3 years old,great condition just needs a bit of a clean.

    Sabian pro sonix 20" ride-15
    pretty old lol, fair condition, all the lettering has pretty much faded away but no cracks or that.
    Sabian pro sonix 18" china- 15
    as old as the ride but it was never really used, not bad condition.
    Zildjian ZXT 14" crash- 15
    3 years old, never really used, good condition.

    Roto toms- 20
    These have been sitting in my garage for awhile and are a wee bit rusty, never really used them.

    I moved to Belfast to study so I don't really have time to play any more. So I am based Belfast but the gear is in carrickfergus so you can collect from either. Thanks for having a look. Feel free to ask any questions.

  2. avatar rantnpod
    If it is still available I'm interested in the Pearl maple free floater snare, could it possible to send a few pic's to the following E Mail: steveconway99@yahoo.co.uk
  3. avatar dertydevil
    I'l take the snare and the hh sabian, give me a call on 07518699374
  4. avatar Zifor
    I would love to see the roto toms pm me ghredpath@hotmail.com please give me photos and we can meet in belfast sometime thanks!
  5. avatar harmane
    Would love to buy the Pro Sonix Ride if you still have them. Name is Ethan, find me at harman.e@me.com - cheers!
  6. avatar the_rev
    hey, i am interested in the roto toms, any chance of a few pics??
    my email is gareth_1991@live.co.uk

  7. avatar petethedrummer
    I'll take the crash off u mate, only if it's in good nick but, call/txt me on 07973324995 thanks. Pete
  8. avatar Geordie_Da
    I might be interested in taking some gear off your hands...give me a shout to let me know what you have left. Cheers...

  9. avatar RhythmD
    My first post!
    Hi there. Do you still have the TD3 kit. Let me know. Cheers 07855979630 D