1. avatar harmane
    My first post!

    The Roland TD-9K is a fantastic kit that we please drummers new and old. I have had the kit for a short time and plays today, exactly like it did when I first purchased it. The whole kit comes boxed with original manuals accessories, and just has a few minor signs of use on the main snare drum pad that in no way effect the performance of the kit. The, with all the extras is worth upwards of 1100 so this is a bargain for any drum lover.

    As well as the features listed in the section below, I have also thrown in some extras to help you get started:

    - Roland CY-8 Cymbal Pad
    - Roland MDY-12 Cymbal Arm
    - Drum Stool
    - Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones
    - M-Audio Uno Midi Interface
    - Mapex Kick Pedal

    To see the kit, please click on the following link.