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    hey Guys,

    Ok, so here (reluctantly) I am selling the last of my mLan gear - 1 pair of i88x recording interfaces by Yamaha for [size=200][b:643657e38d]500[/b:643657e38d][/size] for the pair! ( a steal considering they can still be bought for 1299 each). This is top gear and ultra versatile!!!

    For anyone ho does not know about the mLan gear, basically its a series of gear that can be linked together via firewire leads. I ran these with a Yamaha 01x desk (I actually had two desks and another i88x as well!)

    The major benefit is that if you run out of inputs on an 01x - you can add another 8 with one of these.

    if you were doing a gig, and wanted 16 channels of recording from a desk - run direct outs from each channel of the desk - and feed them straight into this.

    If you were running a 16ch analogue desk and wanted dynamics and effects on every channel of your desk - buy 16 insert splitter Y leads and run each channel's send and return on the i88x back into the desk again - using something like maybe Logic, Mainstage, Cubase, Live, Sonar or other similar software to add VST plugin capability to your desk!

    These have the power to add the benefits of a digital desk - to an analogue desk, give racks and racks load of power - but in a 2U spacing!

    Anyway - here's what yamaha have to say bout it!

    Yamaha i88x

    This item is used but in very good condition. Original box and manual. Includes CD and original power supply.


    2 DM2000 Quality Mic Preamps with Inserts
    6 Line inputs
    24bit/96kHz Audio Interface
    Balanced Inputs and Outputs
    ADAT I/O supporting 96kHz
    18 simultaneous channels
    (8 analogue, 8 ADAT & SPDIF (coax) or Stereo Optical)
    OS9/OSX/XP Drivers support
    Portable 1 Unit Rack