1. avatar roryashworth
    My first post!
    So far the band consists of me (lead guitar), Bass guitar and Rhythm Guitar.
    We are all roughly 20-21 so although we are open to auditioning all ages, ideally we would like to find someone around the same age. We are looking for a solid rock drummer who can groove in 4/4 and ĺ mainly, and play double bass if necessary.

    Male or female, we have no preference.

    The bandís style leans towards hard rock and funk but other styles tend to creep in. We have no defined sound yet (due to a lack of a drummer and singer!). We are looking to record some original material as soon as possible and get gigging.

    We have a ridiculous amount of influences but the main ones include; RHCP, Alter Bridge, Muse, Nirvana, Biffy Clyro, Audioslave, Foo Fighters, Wolfmother, Led Zeppelin, Extreme, Guns n Roses and virtuoso players such as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

    If youíre interested or have any questions, feel free to PM me or leave a comment.