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    [b:82924e542a]SO:NI Saturdays ROCK![/b:82924e542a]

    [b:82924e542a]SWANEE RIVER[/b:82924e542a]

    (One of thew country's finest live bands - a heady mix of hard rock, blues and soul - showcased perfectly on their debut album "Smoking Jacket", which will be available at the show)

    & [b:82924e542a]SHAKE![/b:82924e542a]
    (Passionate, energy-fuelled, female-fronted melodic rock outfit, with strong songs and big hooks)

    [b:82924e542a]TOMMY SHOTS[/b:82924e542a]
    (North coast bluesy hard rock band play their long awaited SO:NI debut)

    [b:82924e542a]SINNER FALLS[/b:82924e542a]
    (Belfast "thinking man's ass-kicking rock band" with elements of prog and a Hendrix influence. Also their SO:NI debut)

    The Pavilion Bar, Belfast (Ormeau Road)
    Saturday 16th July 2011
    Doors 8.30pm, Admission 5

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  2. avatar SONI Live
    Tomorrow night - first band on stage shortly after 9.

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  3. avatar izzys_return
    Great Line-up, come on and get your rooster out!