1. avatar KimboBarclay
    Friday 18th November
    Mandela Hall, Belfast
    Tickets 20 available from QUBSU Reception and Ticketmaster on sale from Friday 8th July at 9am.


    The Saw Doctors were discovered in the back room of Quays Pub in Galway in 1988 by Mike Scott of The Waterboys who was recording The Fisherman's Blues album in nearby Spiddal. Mike Scott asked The Saw Doctors to open for The Waterboys' on the Fisherman's Blues tour of the UK and Ireland in the Autumn of 1988 and produced their first single, N17.

    Over the years, The Saw Doctors have built up a reputation as a great live band. They have toured Australia, Canada, USA, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Norway and the UK. Paul Sexton of The Times in London observes that 'if they could bottle the sort of bonhomie that can make an entire concert hall feel better, The Saw Doctors would have the medicine show to end them all'.
  2. avatar EoinT
    The last time I saw the Saw Doctors, they played on the back of a lorry in a carpark in Donegal, and I got to bring my own beer (8 cans of Dutch Gold for €8, thank you kindly).
    You now ask me for £20 for the same band?
  3. avatar Chi-Lite
    Are you trying to say it's not worth it?