1. avatar Arcane
    Hey there,

    For sale: Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 MKII Guitar Amp Head, Line 6 Spider II Cab MKII Guitar Extension Speaker Cabinet and FBV controller.

    Been gigged and are in perfect working order.

    you can find out more details here http://line6.com/spidervalve/ , http://line6.com/cabinets/spider.html , http://line6.com/footcontrollers/fbvexpressmkii.html

    All for 600.

    Awesome selection of high quality sounds and massive volume!

    Nothing against this set up, my band and I are just changing our sound.

  2. avatar Arcane
    Heres the set up in action



    Niyah Sky

  3. avatar mjsb1
    you any pictures of them dude?
  4. avatar Arcane
    I'll get some pics up later today bud good call