1. avatar Jimi
    Hi, I'm selling my Laney VC30 210. I bought this last March for gigging but it has had no use at all due to having joined to bands. I have used it in the house from time to time so it has had some use.

    I'm looking 350 for it. Based in Antrim but can arrange collection surrounding towns. Work in Belfast Mon-Fri as well.


  2. avatar Jimi
  3. avatar jab
    Is that your best price?
  4. avatar Jimi
    Make me an offer via pm
  5. avatar jab
    Tbh was just testing the water. Not really serious atm.
  6. avatar Jimi
    No problem.

  7. avatar Baroness_84
    Alright dude? Is there a footswitch incl with that?
  8. avatar Jimi
    No, no footswitch included.

  9. avatar Jimi