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    imprintthisonyourmind presents

    [b:f842eb47df][size=200]Solar Bears[/size][/b:f842eb47df] (planet mu)

    with support from

    [b:f842eb47df]SertOne[/b:f842eb47df] (melted music)
    [b:f842eb47df]Miracle Boy[/b:f842eb47df] (bored audio / when pilots eject)

    + the imprint deejays

    Friday 19th August 2011
    9PM - The Menagerie
    £5 before 11pm / £7 after


    Solar Bears

    Solar Bears features two members, John Kowalski and Rian Trench. The group released their debut EP Inner Sunshine and album She Was Coloured for Planet Mu to worldwide critical acclaim in 2010. Both received glowing praise from Pitchfork, Gorilla VS Bear, FACT Magazine, The Fader, Rough Trade, NME and The Irish Times. The album also featured heavily in best of end of year lists, taking influence from Moroder, Neu, Bjork, Morricone and Aphex Twin. Tape machines and handheld recorder are used to created a dated recording sound while blending analogue and digital technology as well as acoustics with electronics. It has created a huge impact on the blogosphere and in music publications simultaneously. The band also remixed artists such as Keep Shelly In Athens and Sun Airway.




    This young Irish artist based out of Liverpool is elbowing his way to the top of the electronic beat scene after his debut release 'The View From Above' EP and he’s been notching up a serious amount of synth heavy, bass driven remixes in recent months. With his passion of hip hop infused with wild synths and off kilter beats, his live set is not to be missed.



    Miracle Boy

    Miracle Boy is the new guise of Graham Ginty, one fifth of When Pilots Eject. Just as influenced by disco as he is by post rock, his music takes basic audio recordings and turns them into something much bigger, wider and much more than the sum of it's eclectic parts. He has previously remixed Italian post rock legends Port Royal and Belfast's Jane Bradfords and returns now to release new music on Derry based Boredaudio.
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    Just a note to say that Solar Bears will be on after midnight which should allow enough time for any Primal Scream attendees to make it down to this as well :)
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    [code:1:29c2fb9184]<iframe width="560" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/3pfsQZ0XHZg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/code:1:29c2fb9184]
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    miracle boy just added a few demos to his soundcloud - worth getting down to catch him!

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    SertOne steps up for the first imprintthisonyourmixtape feature...

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    Upcoming on Friday everyone!
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    Set Times

    10pm: Miracle Boy
    11pm SertOne
    Midnight: Solar Bears
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    Fantastic show. Posted something of a review here: