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    [b:5aaa265aaf]SO:NI[/b:5aaa265aaf] Presents....

    [b:5aaa265aaf]ALL THE BEST![/b:5aaa265aaf]

    [b:5aaa265aaf]'TRIC[/b:5aaa265aaf] - E.P LAUNCH SHOW!
    (One of the most exciting young rock'n'roll bands in the country launch their debut E.P. Pure entertainment, with an AC/DC-esque stomp!)

    & [b:5aaa265aaf]YELLOW CAR NO RETURN[/b:5aaa265aaf]
    (Fermanagh trio with a unique take on classic rock - with influences somewhere between Rory Gallagher and Van Halen!)

    (Half female/half male rock outfit - playing their first ever SO:NI show...and also the first with their new line-up)

    [b:5aaa265aaf]MIDNIGHT TRANSMISSION[/b:5aaa265aaf]
    (Belfast 4-piece who deal in straight ahead sleazy hard rock, delivered with tons of energy)

    The King's Head - Live Lounge, Belfast (Upper Lisburn Road)
    Thursday 7th July 2011
    Doors 8.30pm, Admission 4

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    And pints are 2.50 / Vodka & Red Bull 3 / Captain & Coke 3