1. avatar AndyLee
    My first post!
    Hi guys i am selling my pearl export drum kit after having it for 5 years and it has done the job well for me. i have played it live with the kit being both mic'ed and non mic'ed and it has sounded good. I have pinstripes on all the toms, a powerstroke 3 on the snare and an evans emad on the kick. However it has scratches on most of the drums and the snare drum needs new hoops. i am selling my kit including hardware and gigbags (with the cymbal bags zip broken and damage on the bottom of the bag and bass drum bag with a rip on the bottom) for 300. or 350 with a 16" Sabian AAX Metal Crash.

    Toms 10" 12" and 14"
    Snare 14" by 5"
    Kick 22" by 18"

    After checking both the USA and Europe Pearl Websites i cannot find the Export series on the websites so this may be a discontnued line of drums. if i am wrong please correct me.

    contact me on alee_ni@yahoo.com for pictures of the kit.
    or on 07517464424

    Location: Newtownards
  2. avatar Captain Yesterday
    Hey you're right Export's were discontinued by Pearl in 2006 and replaced with the Vision series. Great drums though.
  3. avatar AndyLee
    Thanks Captain Yesterday. much appreciated. and yeah they are pretty good.