1. avatar deadbeat
    Want to raise funds for a new double kick pedal so am trying to shift some stuff...
    Anybody interested in seeing pics I can email them to ya. All my stuffs in the practice space.

    1. Sabian AAX 17" studio crash. In excellent condition. About 6 months old and has had very little use really as it was very similar to another cymbal I have. Tiny tiny bit of fade on the logo. These are around 175 - 180 new. Looking 120 or very nearest offer.

    2. Istanbul Xist 14" hi hats. These are very nice. Would prefer not to sell them really, but needs must! These are about 3 weeks old or about 5 hours! Few stick marks but I can clean them up if ya want, although the Xist's apparently come into their own with a bit of dirt on them to tame the sound. Was gonna put these up on a clamp for second hats along with my sultan mains, but if I get 120 for them they can go. Again very nearest offer.

    3. Paiste PST 5 14" thin crash. Great wee cymbal in good condition. Used it as a splash. Had this cymbal for a while but its not had much use. No marks or keyholing etc. Offers around 30

    4. Mapex 700 series single kick pedal. Came brand new with my meridian kit. Used it for about 5 minutes, then stuck on a double kick. Comes in box. Excellent condition and a great pedal. Very smooth. 35

    If somebody wants to take it all I'll sell the lot for 280. Thats cheap.

    Cheers, Dave
  2. avatar deadbeat