1. avatar byrnet
    For sale is my Fender' 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue amp.

    It's rated at 22 watts and comes loaded with nine valves. Great Fender tone at perfect volume for cranking at gigs etc. Also has tube-driven vibrato and reverb. See below link for more information on the amp:


    I've had it for just over two years from new. It's in good condition with no marks or tears on the tolex and only minimal signs of wear.

    This amp costs 860+ new and I've never seen one here in NI... this had to be ordered from the mainland. Also comes with a custom made padded Silverstone cover for protection so total package is worth around 900 new.

    I'm looking around 550.

    Please feel free to get in touch (PM here or call 07855 921079) if you've any queries or would like to try it out!

  2. avatar scumbag
    can you post some good quality upclose pics please tom and whereabouts are you ?
  3. avatar byrnet
    Here's some photos of the amp. Happy to add more if wanted.


    I'm in Belfast though the amp is in Bangor at the moment.

  4. avatar byrnet
  5. avatar Sideswipe
    Not to burst your bubble but theres plenty of those amps in Northern Ireland.

    They are Fender's best IMO.
  6. avatar wintersoldier
    trade you for line6 150watt head with cabinet plus extras. Contact me on this or http://adverts.ie/301659r
  7. avatar scumbag
    "Not to burst your bubble but theres plenty of those amps in Northern Ireland.

    They are Fender's best IMO."

    where ?

    ive never seen one, sposed to be a bit on the bright side, but nuthin removing the c10 bright cap wouldnt cure.
  8. avatar Sideswipe
    Well theres 2 sittin here in front of me. I have 3 friends who own them and Marcus used to sell them occasionally although they seemed to always have twins more. They're Fender's BEST amp. Plenty of people own them.
  9. avatar byrnet
    Ha good to see i've started a debate.

    Didn't mean there weren't any in NI, just that i've never seen one to try in any local music stores (Marcus may have had them but never when I was in, plus its closed now anyway) nor any second hand ones for sale (neither on here or on Gumtree). I had tons of interest as soon as I put it up and sold it within two days so they're not exactly common. Also, in two years of gigging regularly i've never seen anyone else play one. I'm sure they exist over here though!

    It's gone now though...
  10. avatar scumbag
    marcus is closed !!

    aw what a shame...........NOT !!

    cant say that i am surprised though.
  11. avatar Sideswipe
    They are common enough its just usually no one wants to sell them, they are that good. I'm sure you had your reasons though. I usually end up regretting anything I sell. I regret sooooooo many pedals I've got rid of over the years. It pains me, lol . Thank god Marcus closed but I do miss The Emporium. GuitarRooms in Holywood has it right. Just wish it was in town. They deal in some serious vintage gear.
  12. avatar scumbag
    the one time i was in the guitar rooms, the gear was poor, not a single guitar nor amp id want to try out.
  13. avatar kerryboy
    Sat 9th Oct 2010, 10:53 pm
    the one time i was in the guitar rooms, the gear was poor, not a single guitar nor amp id want to try out.

    I agree, not much happening in the Guitar Rooms last 2 times I have been in.
  14. avatar Chuffola
    Agreed - some strange vintage guitars (I reckon owned by other people who have plonked them there to sell) and a wall of Chinese Strats/ Teles. Some lovely acoustics but the only amp I've ever seen there is Simon's Marshall 1974x (which is fantastic). I don't know how they keep the doors open, to be honest.
  15. avatar scumbag
    the only shop doing the biz in belfast is matchetts .useless staff , but they sell at a discount and seem to shift enough stock to keep the doors open. marcus is no great loss, the most unfriendly owner imaginable, ridiculous pricing and bored disinterested staff ( gordon excluded ) ,that recipe is more unstable than north korea. when i was in marcus,it always seemed the staff were living on their nerves and it showed.i hadnt been back to marcus for about 8 years.

    if i have cash to spend ,i like to spend it in bairds. gear is "alright" , but those guys have a great attitude, i guess that is what makes punters return. if the marcus owner had left that chip on his shoulder at home, paid attention to pricing and motivated his staff,perhaps they would still be trading.

    as it stands though, marcus is no great loss.