1. avatar ladedadedumdeda
    K - having a little bit more of a clearout!

    M-Audio Prokeys 88 Stage Piano

    Excellent condition and has only been used in the house:

    Sutiodmaster 8 Channel Desk:

    Again - excellent condition and built like a tank:

    I have two snake cables as well:

    These are basically brand new and only used a couple of times:
    One is a 6 xlr female stage box to 6 male 15m cable - 30
    Other one is an 8 xlr female stage box to 8 male - 45

    These are ideal for small gigs or recording. 15m cable useful!

    You are more than welcome to come and check stuff out or e-mail me on aaronrossi@gmail.com or phone 07825 648348.
  2. avatar ladedadedumdeda
  3. avatar rl-vl
    does the desk have direct outs on each channel?
  4. avatar ladedadedumdeda
    nope unfortuneately not.

    You can however I suppose use the main left and right and the monitors to get 4 mixes?

    Does that help?
  5. avatar ladedadedumdeda
    Snakes have both gone.

    Just to get rid of the stuff - I will take £270 for the stage piano and £50 for the wee desk as a fastfude special.
  6. avatar ladedadedumdeda
    Mixer has gone now! :)

    Only the stage piano left!!! Grab yourself a wee bargain! :)