1. avatar The Cheapest Thrills
    Hi, I'm selling my MAPEX QR drum kit as I no longer play drums in my band, and need the cash for a guitar!

    It is:

    Mapex QR (Onyx Sparkle Finish)

    Tom tom 12"
    Tom tom 13"
    Floor tom 16"
    Snare Drum 15"
    Bass Drum 22"
    Snare Drum stand.
    4 x Cymbal stand. (See below.)
    Bass Drum pedal.
    HiHat pedal.
    Drum Heads (Best replaced.)

    Also included:
    2 x Mapex boom cymbal stands.
    1 x Stagg cymbal stand. (This cost quite a bit, and is best used for a ride cymbal.)
    1 x Hi Hat Stand.
    2 Sets of Hi Hats.
    3 x Crash Cymbal.
    3 x Ride Cymbal.
    1 x Splash Cymbal.
    1 x Set of Drum silencers.
    I'll also throw in a free drum practise pad.

    (I cannot remember the brand of the cymbals, but I will update when I find out.)

    I bought this kit 2 years ago for around 500 from an independent drums retailer.
    The kit is in perfect condition, other than 2 years of wear and tear on the Drum heads. These are easily replaced of course.

    Other than this the kit is in perfect condition and is ideal for a new drummer who wants to learn on a quality kit, or an experienced drummer who wants an upgrade.

    I am looking for around [size=200]350 - 380 [/size]for the kit because of it's condition and the rest of the hardware and cymbals I purchased.

    The photo attached is a stock photo, but I can upload photos if you please.


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  2. avatar The Cheapest Thrills
  3. avatar The Cheapest Thrills
    bump for new pictures
  4. avatar rossb15
    from the photos it looks like 22" bass drum and 12, 13, 16 toms :S not 10 12 14
  5. avatar The Cheapest Thrills
    You're correct. Sorry that was the only version of specs before I updated.
    It is correct now.
  6. avatar RedReturned
    Nice kit.. I would take it off you but all BassWood Shells So it wont be much of an upgrade.
  7. avatar The Cheapest Thrills
    Well if you're at all interested, The price will be lowered to £320
  8. avatar RedReturned
    Would you sell the hardware Seperately?
  9. avatar RedReturned
    Would you sell the hardware Seperately?
  10. avatar RedReturned
    What type of Meinl Crash is that?
  11. avatar The Cheapest Thrills
    Id have to look into it.
    Im funding a new guitar, and If i sold the hardware separately, The kit would be incomplete, and so no one would buy it!
  12. avatar RedReturned
    I'm sure someone would buy a Shell pack ;)
  13. avatar RedReturned
    You could look into selling the shell pack to Matchetts or something i'm sure they would take it off ya.

    I need new hardware though lol :P
  14. avatar The Cheapest Thrills
    I have a buyer interested in the full kit.
    If it still hasnt sold by the end of the month, I will sell you the hardware.
  15. avatar RedReturned
    Sounds good! Cheers.
  16. avatar The Cheapest Thrills