1. avatar Me&MyGuitar
    Lots of good gear for sale. If there is no price stated, just make me your best offer for any item and if I'm happy with it I'll let you know and you can come and collect it (I'm out near Lisburn). Cash payment only. Everything can be demo'd before parting with hard earned cash.

    * MK-425C Midi 25 key midi controller keyboard - 40

    [u:4477daecaf][b:4477daecaf]Bits and bobs:[/b:4477daecaf][/u:4477daecaf]
    * THD Hot Plate (8 ohm) - 150
    * Art Studio V3 (tube pre-amp with dial for different instruments) - 30
    * Guitar stands (many) - 5 each
    * Macally Headphones for ipod nano (ipod actually fits into the earpiece) - 25
    * XLR microphone leads (many) - 5 each

    * Roland TD-6V electronic drum kit (with KD-8 kick drum controller and pedal, PD-85 snare, 3 toms and 1 hi-hat pads and FD-8 hi-hat control pedal), plus seat plus sticks. - 600 the lot
    * FD-7 Hi-hat controller pedal
    * KD-7 Kick drum controller with kick pedal

    * Ibanez JS-1000 lead guitar (Joe Satriani series) - 750
    * Violin - 40
    * Irish Low Whistle (low D)

    * 100W Bass Amp - Ashdown Engineering (Five Fifteen) - 110
    * Squire champ 15GR (pots a bit scratchy, but sounds great otherwise, good practice/warm up amp) - 20
    * Roland Micro Cube (input jack slightly damaged but works fine) - 35

    * Eventide Timefactor - 250
    * Yamaha DSC-20M Digital Stereo Chorus pedal - 30

    * Topaz Mini 12-track mixer (by Soundtracs) - 50
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  2. avatar dylanator
    My first post!
    Hi I just wanted to know how much you are asking for the Roland TD 6V, get back to me when yo can
  3. avatar Me&MyGuitar
    I'll take 600 for the entire TD-6V kit.
  4. avatar Paddy Swordchant
    MK-425 Midi 25 key midi controller keyboard - How old is this? Will it run alright with ableton and garageband? Offer 40? have an auction on ebay ending later so i can say for sure then if im interested!
  5. avatar Millsy_Kobi
    How much for the oul Ibanez??
  6. avatar anty2
    how much for the thd hot plate