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    Ratt helped pioneer Hollywood’s legendary Sunset Strip sound and scene and the band has returned sounding fired up and better than ever. Ratt’s first studio album in 11 years, Infestation, is a return to their heavy, riff driven roots. The band has reinvented their sound by rediscovering their strengths, shuttling listeners to a time when metal ruled the earth and real musicians wore eyeliner like a badge of honor. They have also added guitarist Carlos Cavazo to their lineup and ready to let the world hear their new collection of songs. Right out of the box, Infestation ignites like gasoline to an open flame, bursting with an energy and attitude absent from metal for years, unheard, perhaps, since before the dawn of DVDs, grunge and Facebook. Album opener “Eat Me Up Alive” slaps you in the face with attitude and a timeless riff that has been a staple in Ratt’s music and has set them apart from the pack. From the strip pole gyrations of “Look Out Below” to the keg party anthem “Take a Big Bite,” Infestation rages with a life and energy that Ratt is famous for. Ratt will be performing in Belfast’s Spring and Airbrake on Wednesday 16th June 2010. Tickets are priced £19.00 and are available from all Ticketmaster outlets including Katy Dalys and ww.cdcleisure.com