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    [size=200]DARKER MY LOVE[/size]

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    Right in the middle of their supporting tour with Band of Horses, Darker My Love will take time out to headline their own show in ‘ Auntie Annie’s Attic. The band based in Los Angeles are described as Indie Psychadelic rock and cofounded by members of The Nerve Agents and The Distillers. Also two members of band joined the prolific punk-rock group The Fall. They released an album under Dangerbird Records, where the track Blue Day featured on Guitar Hero 5. The thrid LP was recorded in January 2010.

    Support comes from Elspeth citing The Stone Roses, Radiohead, Bob Dylan and The Smiths as some of their influences, which can certainly be heard on their tracks.

    Darker My Love, Elspeth & Soviet Flares will be performing in Auntie Annie’s Attic on Sunday 5th June 2010. Tickets are on sale now and are priced £5.00 plus booking fee. Available from all Ticketmaster outlets including Katy Dalys and ww.cdcleisure.com. Entrance to Love Buzz aftershow is included
  2. avatar gerry norman
    This is gonna be unreal they have a flippin song on Guitar Hero for christ sakes.