1. avatar dave_b
    What I have:

    Boss DS-1 : 30
    Boss O/S2: $45
    Boss ME50: 80
    I have a carl martin opto comp that I would sell for 60 if I get a dyna comp!
    Tokai Les Paul + case: 300
    Home made pedaltrain style pedalboard , appx 77x31cm(wood, black with loop velcro), will take 16 stone! 30

    Also have a DS-1 box which I could make into a tap tempo pedal if you're interested!

    Can make true bypass loops (only 1 to maybe 3 loops, can't get the big enclosures yet!) and my personal favourite: a mute pedal for the end of your chain, which is friggin useful if you got a load of gain pedals on and need to shut your signal up quickly! All custom built so give me a shout if you're interested!
    And pedalboards, wooden but like a pedaltrain.

    What I'm in the mood for:

    Digital delay with tap tempo
    Reverb pedal (more room than spring!)
    MXR dyna comp (or similar)
    and cash. Love cash :)

    If you want pics for anything reply here and I'll get them up, too lazy right now!

  2. avatar dave_b
    No interest?
  3. avatar unplugged
    whats the tokai les paul?
  4. avatar dave_b

    Can get you better photos if you're interested. It's in mint condition and comes with a gator hard case (best case I have!) If you want any more info or a demo let me know.
  5. avatar unplugged
    did u buy that from the guitar emporium?
  6. avatar dave_b
    Yeah, would be about 4 years ago I think. Has seen very little real action, I usually use my telecaster, I generally prefer Fenders.
  7. avatar bigguskeefus
    i have a dl4 which i would be maybe willing to trade for your pedals including the dyna comp if ur interested
  8. avatar bigguskeefus
    wghat i meant to say was...... I have a line 6 DL4 been used once and not outside the house... i would be interested in a swap for your pedals including the carl martin compressor... lol... sorry about that lol
  9. avatar dave_b
    So, what you're saying is that you want all of the pedals I'm selling, including the multi-effect, for the DL4?
  10. avatar smithers102
    got a pic of the pedalboard?
  11. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    How much for one of these kill switches?
  12. avatar dave_b
    @smithers: yep, just uploaded it for you!


    @Ihavealongusername: £20 for a metal one, £15 for plastic

    (I use plastic myself! shocking). I use a small rectangular box for them, the jacks can be moved to fit where you want it on your board (part of the reason for mine is my last pedal is in the middle of the board and I couldn't get at it with my longer cables with straight jacks! Used this to move the end of the chain to the end of the board, much better!) Also available without LED.

    PS sorry about the long wait, I've been moving house and didn't have internet!
  13. avatar ozzfiend88
    ive an akai hesdrush delay pedal with a tap tempo, it also has a looper and tape delay as well, would you take it for the me50?
  14. avatar dave_b
    ozz, is it the E1 or E2 headrush?
  15. avatar ozzfiend88
    its the E2 mate
  16. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    Can you upload a pic of one of yr kill switches, does it run off a power supply ok?I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get a metal one.
  17. avatar Daniel.Paul.Moore
    would you be willing to trade for this ?


    email me at
    if you are
  18. avatar dave_b
    Dan, what are you looking to trade for? I'm in Greece, will email you when I'm home anyway.

    Devilsfavuriteson, I'm truely sorry, but I forgot about the thread, I can only apologise! I'll have a pic up when I'm back if you're still interested, although it may have been a good thing, as the switch I've been using is starting to become temperamental, so I'll be sourcing better parts for it!

    Ttyl, d