1. avatar clss_act_00
    **UPDATED 6/6/10**

    Practice room/project studio style equipment for sale

    If you contact me today I'll give you a few more quid off as it'll save me moving extra gear.

    Daniel - 07929174295 or info@studio5belfast.com

    Haven't tested everything and some stuff hasn't been used in a while, but you're happy to come try anything out and I'll not be ripping anyone off. Can ask anyone who has recorded in Studio5 and they'll tell you I'm a decent guy who won't do you wrong.

    Flexible on prices. Serviously just make an offer

    Guitar/Bass Amps:

    - Marchall Valvestate 2000 AVT275 Guitar Amp - 100 - NOW 80 (see post below)
    - Ashdown 2x12 Bass Cab (from a Mag 300 combo originally) - speaker lead connection has come loose, easy fix, I planned to fix it into a proper panel, etc, but didn't get to it yet. 60 takes it now


    - Bespeco VM12 Volume Pedal - 15
    - Proco Rat - 50
    - Boss OD-2 Turbo Overdrive - 30
    - Behringer Bass Chorus BCH100 - 10
    - Guyatone OD2 Overdrive - 20
    - Guyatone WR2 Wah Rocker - 20 (its not a rocking pedal, just it's name, auto wah)
    - DOD FX40-B EQ - 15


    - T-Bone P.A. - PM600
    With 2 x 15inch speakers - PA15 ECO - 1 buzzes a bit
    Plus Stands and bag, and speaker cables

    Cheap vocal PA. Wouldn't push it too hard or expect much out of it, but amplifies vocals and costs next to nothing. Search thomann for details. 120 ono


    - 8 x Studiospares Antiverb acoustic tiles 60x60x10 - 4 each
    - 6 x Large, cheap thomann tiles, 100x100 - 6 each

    I'm available if anyone wants to come have a look or try anything over the weekend or on monday morning possibly. Then everythings getting moved but will still be available, just not as handy.
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  2. avatar steveginger
    PM for ya.
  3. avatar astow
    hey would you take 20-25 for the hi hats
  4. avatar flightstrip
    i hate bargaining without seeing the actual item for sale so if u please give me a buzz on 07894645881 id like to have a look around and will pretty much buy items in a non timewasting way.suits you sir!
  5. avatar darkprince07
    It is times like these I wish I had a spare few hundred. Seriously, that Pearl kit for under 200, just what I need and want for taking up drums again. And some those amps are right and powerful good uns.
  6. avatar Garzo
    I would be very interested in either the Marshall or the Fender amp. Are they still on the go?
  7. avatar clss_act_00
    The Fender is gone unfortunately.

    The Marshall amp is still available, altho only getting to update the post now to say that one of the speakers isn't working. It isn't noticeable until you're listening right up by each speaker, but I wouldn't just ignore the fact. Don't know if it's just a connection or if the speaker needs replaced, but doesn't affect the amp in any other way, otherwise it sounds and works as it should

    Because of this, I'll take 80

    Drumkit and all it's bits and bobs are gone, updating post now for other stuff that's gone.