1. avatar pat - lwr
    Ive got a Trace Elliot 7215 SMC GP7 300w 1x15" combo for sale.
    it is made circa 1995. not sure of exact year. i can provide a serial number though.
    It has been fairly heavily gigged and has a few scars to show. saying this, its a wonderful sounding amp and has never let me down.
    i recently had replaced the whole output section, as well as the speaker (now fitted with an eminence 350w).
    the only issue is the passive input cuts in and out (probably a soldering issue) but ive always just used the active inpput anyway.
    looking 250 for quick sale, photos on request. based in bangor

    also seling a custom made flight case for fender jazz/precision bass. was made in novemeber and hardly used. looking offers around 80.. photos on request.

  2. avatar pat - lwr
  3. avatar Manaconda
    very interested in this amp if you still have it could you please call me at
    ask for Shane.
  4. avatar pat - lwr
    Hey Shane.. email me patrick[at]musicshop.to or PM me and we can arrange you to try it out!