1. avatar unplugged
    Got this earlier this week as part of a trade in for a substantial PA rig i sold off. Lovely instrument and in mint order just not my bag.

    Although i always wanted a decent built Epi Les Paul to tinker on in the house the 3 pickup black version wasnt what i was after.
    Being a Page fan im looking something non black and bit more sunburst and or/2 pickup version as i want to install couple of bare knuckles i have lying on a shelf waiting for a Les Paul for a wee Page wiring mod.

    This black LP custom I have is mint. The guy wasnt lying when he said it was hardly used - its just less than 1 year old. Not a mark on her not one. I had to peel the clear plastic off the pickups. Incidentally this is the latter version retailing at around 500 with the wax potted GIBSON humbuckers not the inferior microphonic Epi cheapos. Its lathered in Pearl inlays and the gold harware is not one bit tarnished.

    If anyones interested in trade for more traditional Tokai/Epi please PM me. Otherwise ill take half its original price 250.

  2. avatar Daniel.Paul.Moore
    would you be willing to trade for this ? with free hard case


    email me at
    if you are
  3. avatar unplugged
    nah mate i have the epiphone zakk wylde myself. Great guitar though.