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    This is my last attempt!! I hate to sound like Iím begging but Ií am.
    I'm a drummer I have been playing for 8 years. Iím looking a singer/guitarist and a bass player to help me form a band which I have been trying to get off the ground for over a year now. Iím looking to form a band that plays a style of music that can be described as Elvis metal or rocking metal. I have many different influences ranging from Metallica, Elvis, Johnny cash, chuck berry, motorhead, volbeat, misfits.
    I'm looking to make rock/metal music with a 50s rocking roll feel to it. Iím heavily influenced by European rock/metal bands such as Volbeat, The Bones, backstreet girls, The Carburetors Chrome Division and many many more.

    I would I would like to work towards getting a 3-4 track demo of original songs recorded and get out and play as many gigs as possible. I think a good live show is the key especially with the 50s sound to the music.

    Iím based in North Belfast with a practice recording place for use on a weekly basis. But I will travel. So if you are interested in this or know anyone who would be interested please let me know asap.

    Thank you.
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    Razor sentry are looking a drummer they are a metal band check them out on myspace theyre good guys cheers mark (skarrd)