1. avatar Sauce
    [b:09841cd457]VIC RUGGIERO[/b:09841cd457] (THE SLACKERS)
    [b:09841cd457]THE AGRESSORS BC[/b:09841cd457]
    9PM / £7
    Victor “Vic” Ruggiero, (also known as Bad Vic,Ruggarroo or Lord Sluggo) is a musician, songwriter and producer from New York City who has played in many ska bands, such as THE SLACKERS, Stubborn All-Stars, SKAndalous All-Stars, and Crazy Baldhead.
    He has also performed with RANCID and THE TRANSPLANTS
  2. avatar savagebilliards
    venue? is it the Menagerie?
  3. avatar reallybigmcc
    aye menagerie!

    stronlgy advise people to get down to this if they can, really worth seein!
  4. avatar Sauce
    ==Bump for tonight==

    bet I stink of booze in work tomorrow.