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    [b:6a0c31e883]MOEN DEEP BLUE OVERDRIVE[/b:6a0c31e883]


    Smooth Overdrive
    The MOEN Deep Blue is a tube-like overdrive distortion pedal which produces a warm and smooth tone. Under low gain, the guitar chords are well defined and under high gain, the tone is rich.

    Blues and Jazz
    This effects pedal is perfect for a blues guitarist. The overdrive controlled by the Drive knob produces the classic smooth tube-like sound traditionally associated with blues. The Tone knob allows the guitar player to suit his preference to a more bass or treble tone.

    True Bypass
    The true bypass means that the input jack is connected directly to the output when the pedal is switched off. The sound coming in is totally unaffected by any filter or circuitry and it allows the guitarist to truly differentiate the effect of the MOEN Deep Blue Overdrive Distortion.

    Metal Enclosure + Metal Stomp Switch
    All MOEN Effects Pedals are built in a metal enclosure and uses a metal stomp switch to assure you that your pedals are of the highest quality and built with the travelling musician in mind. The MOEN Deep Blue Overdrive Distortion is no different. They are made to withstand harsh floor-usage environments and being heavy with heavy-duty rubber on the underside, it doesn’t move or slide away easily.

    Analogue Blues Overdrive
    Like most of MOEN Effects Pedals, the MOEN Deep Blue is designed with analogue circuitry to ensure full processing and reproduction of the original signal without losing any details through digital sampling or processing.

    Features at a Glance
    - Warm and smooth tone.
    - Rich harmonics and produces tube-like sound.
    - Distortion Drive / Tone / Level knobs.
    - Tough-built metal enclosure with metal stomp switch.
    - True bypass stomp switch.
    - Size 142 x 98 x 37 mm.
    - Weight 600g.

    [b:6a0c31e883]SOUND SAMPLES : See under VINTAGE SERIES : [url=http://www.moenfx.com/product.html#]DEMOS[/url][/b:6a0c31e883]