1. avatar greggggg
    UPDATE:Basically, just off from brand new Holiest grail. Used literally twice, no marks, no problems, comes with box, instructions and PSA etc.

    Looking 125. Cheers.
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  2. avatar greggggg
    Bump; will also trade for an EHX Pog of sorts. give me an offer!
  3. avatar dave_b
    All I got going is a boss O/S2, DS-1 and ME-50, any interest to you? Also a tokai les paul (yeah I know it's not a pedal). Anything tickle your fancy?
  4. avatar greggggg
    Not really man, I'm not really looking at OD/Distortion, I'm probably going to get a Fulltone OCD or a Visual Sound of some sorts. I'd be looking at tremolo, octave and synth work for pedal works, or maybe an RV3.
  5. avatar dave_b
    No probs, just thought I'd ask :)
  6. avatar DaveT
    Dan from studio5 is selling a RAT on here somewhere, get in touch with him maybe!
  7. avatar greggggg
    Bump; Will take anything over 160 quid.
  8. avatar greggggg
    BUMP-Still going for 160!
  9. avatar greggggg
  10. avatar greggggg
    Come on guys, I'll let it go for 150. Fantastic pedal, don't let it slip through!
  11. avatar greggggg
    Bump, on gumtree for 160. 150 for fastfude! (L)
  12. avatar greggggg
  13. avatar greggggg
  14. avatar greggggg
    Bump! Will take 140
  15. avatar greggggg
  16. avatar greggggg
    I'll do the cool thing, I'll rearrange the numbers in the 215 retail to my 125 price.

    125 to anyone!
  17. avatar greggggg
  18. avatar greggggg
    Bump for update
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