1. avatar Deestroyer
    I'm thinking of buying a fender squire off an old friend and want to give them a fair price. It's a fender squire, Korean, 1994 with a serial number CN432***. It's in half decent nick with a few bumps and bruises. What do you think?
  2. avatar compositecomposure
    I have one of these from the same year...my first guitar. Since it was made in the Cort factory some people seem to find the model a little better built than the chinese ones...

    Not sure about price though...100-120???
  3. avatar Deestroyer

    That's what I was kinda thinking, price wise. I've seen a few on ebay going for anything between 260 to 60 and wasn't sure of what to offer.

    Any other expertise would be welcome.
  4. avatar Deestroyer
    Has anyone else got any expertise in this area? 120 fair enough?
  5. avatar unplugged
    ok. does the neck have a glossy laquer on it?
  6. avatar Deestroyer
    It's been a long time since I looked at it but I don't think so.
  7. avatar dave_b
    I have a korean squire (1991), but it was given to me by a friend who diddn't play it much at all. It's definitely a fun strat to play, feels 'springier' than the americans I've tried. Seeing as you can get the vintage modified and classic vibes squiers for about 220, 100 seems to me a fair enough price.

  8. avatar sloppyjoe
    I have one also, which must be one of the earlier Korean ones - I bought 2nd hand it in 89 or 90. It used to have a high-gloss neck before I matted it with steel wool. Neck is real nice though, albeit with a couple of worn frets now. Good Gotoh tuners and Fender pressed-steel bridge. The pickups are junky things with a ceramic bar magnet stuck over the back, but it still does that strat quack very well indeed. I might change the pups if I thought new ones wouldn't be worth more than the guitar.
  9. avatar dave_b
    Yeah, I'd say the pickups are the weakest thing, mine don't really get the in-between sounds well, although the single pickup sounds are pretty good!