1. avatar Lunar
    Basically looking to buy a new guitar and I don't really know which sites are reliable, there's a site I that keeps popping up called GAK.co.uk and it's ridiculously cheap for music equipment.

    Any replies and also links to better sites would be awesome!

  2. avatar dave_b
    The delivery is going to be about 20 wherever you go, don't forget about it! I've bought from GAK before, and people recommend dv247.com too. If the prices are similar, I'd go with dv247, the last guitar I got off GAK (squier) despite being made only in Feb, was starting to corrode on the chrome.

  3. avatar scumbag
    I have done loads of online business both in the UK, Far East and USA over the years. GAK is a crapshoot, works out ok if all goes well, but if there is a problem , then you realise why the items are priced so cheaply, tread with care when you deal with them.

    There is an old adage "you get what you pay for " and there is a degree of wisdom in there. You buy dirt cheap and you will be very fortunate indeed if there aint any issues. I advise every time that online buyers go to a retailer that is totally pro in attitude, products, customer service and knowledge and has an excellent returns policy. My #1 recommendation is always www.soundsgreatmusic.com , with whom you will never have a problem.

    A good option is to try and buy used locally, that way you get 1st hand experience of the guitar and can go through the haggle routine , many players have bought a guitar online only to find niggles they cant live with and then have a heck of a time returning it or flipping it onto somebody else.

    Treat ebay carefully too, there are salt of the earth sellers who are selling 100% legit items out there, but there are also bastards who will sell you misdescribed or fake goods with no returns policy.

    If you HAVE to do it online , just make sure you do your homework on the seller and the product and get it right 1st time. Good luck to you.
  4. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:8b812ea0bf="dave_b"]The delivery is going to be about 20 wherever you go[/quote:8b812ea0bf]...except [url=http://www.thomann.de/gb/]Thomann[/url]: 10 for orders below 199, free when you spend more.

    Personally, I'd be happy to buy amps, equipment and so on from on-line sellers, and probably budget-type instruments; but I don't think I'd risk buying medium- or high-priced guitars that I haven't held in my hands first.