1. avatar Deevolution
    Electric Red
    Chocolate Love Factory
    + tunes...

    Laverys Bunker,
    Sunday 23rd May 9pm

    [b:f58e74207f]ELECTRIC RED[/b:f58e74207f]
    Formed in 2008, Electric Red are a band whose first gig was supporting Taint and their first CD "ION" - a 3 track EP, was released in November 2008 to great reviews:

    "Personally I thought ION was exactly what I needed to hear. Check 'em out."
    - John Pegoraro, StonerRock.com

    "Electric Red are on to something... It'd be nice to see that early 90's NY sound make a comeback and stomp drone and folk metal back into primordial soup."
    - Chris Barnes, HellRideMusic.com

    [b:f58e74207f]Chocolate Love Factory[/b:f58e74207f]
    Influences: DA FUNK, Schmokin', Drinkin', Fuckin'....and also some bands, including: Nirvana, Kyuss, Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, and The Mars Volta. Bitches.
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    Yr topic title says 20/05 but the show is actually 23/05 just a wee heads up, unless doc brown has joined your band and yr going back to the future for this one
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    Looking forward to it bai's! :)
  5. avatar Deevolution
    cheerz devil... sorted now.