1. avatar dave_b
    By trying to take a shortcut doing some mods to my affectionately named 'crapstrat' ('vintage' brand, not a fender/squire), I managed to damage nearly every fret on the neck :( SO I need a cheap strat style neck (21 fret maple preferable, not essential) to replace the whole thing.

    What have you? Reply here or PM.

  2. avatar salfhal
    There was some bloke flogging one with like wispy inlays on it.

    Not to my taste, but I do remember it, give her a wee search.
  3. avatar SimonC
    45 on Fleabay...
  4. avatar dave_b
    Yeah, I remember the neck, but I'm after cheap and cheerful. Even 45 is more than I want to spend on this guitar! I'm kind of hoping sombody has a guitar with a busted body, or a cheap wick starter guitar that is lying nearly forgotten somewhere!

    Still, I have a DS1 inside my guitar now! Will be handy if I'm going to a mates for a jam - no pedalboard!
  5. avatar amnesiac