1. avatar AidanCampbell
    My first post!
    Hello. Iím looking for bands to play at the Magnet Young Adult Centre in Newry? We hold gigs fortnightly on a Friday and have showcased bands from all across Europe, Ireland and the UK; these include Ozzmium, Gama Bomb, the Dangerfields, Snow Patrol and Acid Tone. We are also keen to here from aspiring electronic artists and solo acts. We will also accommodate artists wising to promote and sell their demoís/t-shirts. If you would like more information please contact me; Aidan Campbell on 07999337624 or alternatively 02830269070, Email: aidanmagnet@gmail.com
  2. avatar EWCraig
    Hey i'm sure we'd love to play!

    We're a heavy metal/rock band from Co.Derry, we normally get a good reception so long as we're on good behaviour!


    The only thing we'd ask is petrol being covered!

  3. avatar Elliot

    We've played there before, and we'd love the chance to play again.