1. avatar Selling Blood
    <img src="http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r130/C_Lash/cover.jpg" border="0" alt="Captured Tracks 12" EP">

    Girls Names(Live)
    Not Squares DJs
    Cheap Thrill DJs

    Thursday 20th May

    To celebrate the release of their debut 12" EP out now on Brooklyn label <a href="http://capturedtracks.com/">Captured Tracks</a>, Girls Names are throwing a release party in the Menagerie this coming Thursday. Not Squares and Cheap Thrill will be playing records all night long.

    Formed in January 2009 with their first gig booked before even playing together, Belfast’s Girls Names unabashedly hark back to the early/mid eighties shadow world of Beat Happening, Black Tambourine, Felt, C86 and the Sound of Young Scotland. In their short existence they have quickly honed their craft in creating their own self-styled “disposable noise pop”, masking subdued bittersweet vocals and melodic hooks with reverb drenched guitars and Mary Chain primal drums.


  2. avatar Selling Blood
    Tomorrow night. New Not Squares listify sounding great - http://open.spotify.com/user/notsquares/playlist/17PWoZeDVKhzymKVlTABds
  3. avatar seagreen
    My first post!
    I've heard a few songs from the EP on the internet and I'm really looking forward to this. What time are Girls Names on at ? Start of the night, end or middling, even ?
  4. avatar Selling Blood
    About half 10ish is the plan. I know there a lot of people going to an opening at Catalyst this evening and want to do both and so we are trying to accommodate this
  5. avatar seagreen
    that's great, thanks